I am Jørn Idar from Team NBDG. I am from Norway so winter play is really familiar for me and here I give my best advice to you; how winter play improves your game and my best tips on how to survive the cold.

So, its March in cold, snow-covered Norway I go out and throw, but why on earth I do it?

Well, I actually got three really good reasons:

  1. Getting used to weather

Playing and practicing outside can be challenging, with the cold and wet snow, and usually cold temperatures and windy conditions. So when the actual season starts, I know that I will not be uncomfortable with bad weather. Going an outdoor sport is always risky in terms of the weather, but if it gets windy and rain during a tournament in May, I will not mind because it is better than heavy winds, -9c and snow. I have been through worse.

  1. Getting an advantage of his competitors

As an amateur player, I play in divisions with many who are prefering to play in good weather. Just the thought of going out in the winter makes them in a bad mood, but I am out and getting an edge on my competition. Now, it might not be 100% true, but that is a mental thing that will come into play come the season start, and that in itself is an advantage.

  1. The perfect time to become a better player

Nothing is more fun to do in the season than playing, so practicing might not be the first priority. But during the off season you are usually a little more restrained, there is not so many tournaments or weeklies, so you have better time to focus on improving your game.

Bonus tips on how to play in winter:
Now this article don`t focus so much of the practicality of playing in the winter, but more on the reasons why you should be playing in the winter. But here are a few basic advices on how to actually go out and enjoy winter disc golf:

  • Dress with layers – the colder it is, the more layers you need. It is much better to get to the field or course with too much clothes (which you can remove), than to arrive cold and freezing.
  • Use proper plastic – plastic become less flexible and more stiff the colder it gets, and you risk cracking your favorite discs. Try to stick to the more flexible plastics of your favorite molds, like Moonshine, Fuzion or Frost Line.
  • Be safe – it is easy to injure yourself if you are not paying attention to your footing. Slipping can seriously hurt you, so make sure you check you footing, throw more stand stills and use proper winter footwear.

I also vlogged my tips and reason to golf in winter, see my vlog on YouTube:


Jørn Idar Kvig

Jørn Idar Kvig

Team Natural Born Disc Golfer

Jørn Idar Kvig a.k.a. The Frisbeer Guy 

I’m a disc golfer and disc golf promoter, brewer and beer enthusiast. I am from Oslo, Norway and TD’ing of a handful of tournaments every year. I am also a writer for the biggest disc golf site in Norway; Frisbeegolf Norge.

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