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Depends on the event. Most of our events you can pay the entry fee in our webstore with most known debit/credit cards and other known Finnish payment methods like Mobilepay and Smartum/ePassi.

Event specific payment options are always stated on the event website (Disc Golf Metrix and/or Disc Golf Scene and/or own website).

You can find all the tournaments from NBDG Event Calender and Disc Golf Metrix.  

All the possible payment methods you can find from the info page in Metrix. 

Inform your cancellation always by email to the given contact person. Do not delete your registration by yourself. You can find the contact person's email address from the info page in Metrix. 

You can find all about competition returning conditions in Metrix.

As soon as possible. 

Most of NBDG own events are free for juniors. Please check current information from NBDG Junior Program page.  

If you have filled out the prize information form and you still can't see your gift card in your mailbox, please check your junk mail, etc. When needed please contact 

Unfortunately, you can't. The PDGA age of a player is determined by the year of birth, not the date of birth. 

We pay cash prizes using PayPal payment system. Cash prizes will be paid at the latest the next Wednesday after the event if otherwise is not informed. NBDG has been granted a PDGA exemption for this payment arrangement for 2022.

Please send an email to and let us know your wishes.

In PDGA competitions (including leagues) groups are formed according to PDGA regulations. For the first round, the groups will be drawn by category and in the subsequent rounds, the groups will be formed according to the results. Group wishes can't, therefore, be fulfilled in PDGA competitions. 

Unfortunately, entry fees paid with sports benefits are non-refundable.  

Participation in PDGA competitions requires an SFL competition license. It itself includes PDGA membership and accordingly requires club membership. PDGA leagues and doubles do not require a license or membership. 

NBDG Store

We no longer update our stock. To find your favourite disc, try to reach out to the discs manufacturer for more details about retailers.


On the cart (before checkout) there is an "add instructions for seller" part where you can write extra requests. 

We will take your request on note and fulfill it if possible. Usually our inventory on the website is 99% correct and there are no extra discs hidden anywhere so requesting for certain weight is most likely impossible to fulfill. Stamp colors will vary and if you do not mind getting different weight than selected just let us know!


Shipping depends on the products you are purchasing and country where you are located. Shipping options starts from 3,90€

You find the exact shipping costs during checkout. 

Some of the heaviest items like disc golf targets might be too heavy to ship outside of Finland. 

We always ship as soon as possible. We work every workday from Monday to Friday and sometimes during the weekend. Usually orders made before 12:00 will be shipped the same day.

Shipping times depends on the destination and selected shipping method. Regular letter has no tracking and is the slowest and can take up to few days (EU) or even few weeks (to US). Parcel with tracking is delivered in few days (EU) to few weeks (US).

Please also check the shipping terms.

Partnerships and advertising

We have multiple different video productions where we can bring your brand up to the whole disc golf community world wide.

There are lots of ways to contact the audience either with tailored media productions and marketing campains for more traditional video advertising. Our production includes vlogs, tournament coverage and other disc golf related videos from live to post-production and all of them have perfect opportunities to get your brand into disc golf market!

Please contact for more details!

Great! Send a message to We organize annually over 200 events in Finland and abroad. Rest assured that with us your event will be in good hands.

Being a disc golf professional is a competitive sport at the highest level and for players, it is a full-time job. NBDG offers manager services for Finnish pro players which allows players to focus more on the most important thing i.e. disc golf. We are striving to have more full-time disc golf professionals in Finland. 

We have our own Junior Program, that allows us to support players participating in our own competitions. Our partners enable the Junior Program. 

The biggest disc golf target audience is male players aged between 18-44 years. In addition, women players and especially junior players are increasingly rising. In Finland, there are hundreds of thousands of disc golf players. 

Our productions are published on YouTube in Disc Golf Stream -channel. Furthermore, American Gatekeeper Media is publishing our videos on their own channel with English commentary. You can follow live broadcasts from YouTube or through the DGS app. In addition, Alfa TV airs our competition videos in Finnish TV.

Of course! We organize disc golf-related activity days for companies. In Sipoo, we manage one of the most exquisite disc golf courses in Finland. The location has different kinds of facilities, such as restaurant, conference and accommodation services. In Finland, there are over 830 disc golf courses, so we can also organize events nationwide. 

Disc golf is a low threshold hobby, so even if you haven't tried it before at all, you will get great experiences at the course.

In addition, we also offer disc golf training for your company’s staff performed by professional coaches. We organize company leagues, where companies can compete against each other, or we can arrange a PDGA-sanctioned competition just for you.