Annual NBDG design contest 2018

Disc Golf is all about the community. Thats what NBDG also stands for. Every Disc Golfer has something to give for the Disc Golf community. This time we want great designers and visionaires to stand up, and share their knowledge and skills.

NBDG design contest is a really simple deal, design a stamp for a disc. Our committee will select the best design and we’ll make a bunch of these discs with different models from Trilogy. Of course, winner will have a stack of them for free. This time we also want to see a DyeMax/DecoDye design with much more details in the artwork!


Where do the designs end up?

Dynamic Discs will distribute The Natural Born Disc Golfer designs on Northern America and NBDG will distribute all the designs on Europe.

As an addition to online selling, we will have an exclusive opportunity to spread the designs on two of the highly noticed events on both continents.


Glass Blown Open

Glass Blown Open is the biggest disc golf event in the world and NBDG is proud sponsor of it! In 2018 we are planning to have a vendor table again on the Block Party of GBO. The winning designs are sold on NBDG table during the block party. During the 2017 GBO the NBDG design contest winner discs were extremely popular and got noticed by thousands of players and spectators in person.


Tyyni is the biggest disc golf event in Europe and NBDG is one of the main sponsors and organizers on the event.

During the Tyyni FlyMart on the last day of Tyyni, we will have a vending table where the winning designs are sold to thousands of Disc Golfers around the world.


Who will win and how? What does the winner receive?

All the submitted designs will be reviewed by NBDG team. At least one design will be selected for distributed in Dynamic Discs website and on Tyyni and/or GBO events, as there can be multiple choices for stamp/shirt art. Designer of the selected artwork, will receive stack of discs with the winning design. Remember, artists (YOUR) name will be in Disc Golf history right next to all of the great disc art designers.

Submit your design now, and give your share for Disc Golf community!Contest rules

  • Design submission window: 1st of January to 28th of February.
  • Winners will be announced on March 2018
  • Designs must follow Dynamic Discs hotstamp guide regulations found here.
  • For DyeMax design, artwork should be atleast 1000 x 1000 pixels, recommended 2000 x 2000 pixels.
  • All designs must be submitted through email to It is recommended to send a link to Dropbox/Drive etc. folder where we can download the artwork. NBDG team will only review designs that are submitted through the given method. Facebook posts or other outlets will not be eligible.
  • NBDG reserves the right to use submitted designs for commercial use and modify them if needed.
  • Submitted designs must not contain any copyrighted material (excluding NBDG art). Sender is responsible for the copyright claims of the art.
  • You can use NBDG artwork if you like (check material below) but it is not mandatory. We like to see different kind of monkeys. Official font is not required, but preferred.
  • You can add Tyyni and/or GBO details to design if you like. It is not mandatory as designs can be used all year long.



NBDG Media

New logo PDF


Original (“old”) logo

original NBDG_monkey_4 PDF vector

original NBDG_monkey_3 PDF vector

original NBDG Monkey colored PNG (click for full version)