Olivia Kindstedt aims for Professional Disc Golf career

Olivia Kindstedt aims for Professional Disc Golf career

Olivia Kindstedt aims for Professional Disc Golf career

Olivia Kindstedt is a rising junior star, who aims to be a Disc Golf professional after the high school. Last fall of 2021 the first steps were taken towards the ambitious goal.

Two-time Finnish National Junior Champions goal is to rise to the podium next season and challenge the best women players in Finland. In the close future Olivia wants to shake the podium for Worlds best women. To achive her goals, player management is playing a huge role so Olivia can focus more on her best skills, playing disc golf, rather than doing paper work and negotiationg sponsor- and partnership deals.

Olivia at Finnish Pro Tour 2021 - Photo: Marika Salmi


"As a manager my goal is to support the player fully with our whole team on the back. This should create an opportunity for the player to practice and compete professionally with help of the partners and sponsors. With the existing network we have combined with all the assets in our team, there is a high change of succeeding" sums up Olivia's manager Terhi Kytö.

As a part of NBDG:s long term stragegy to grow the elite-level disc golf NBDG has started an manager program for professional players. Get More Management Group utilizes all the existing assets that NBDG and its partners have to offer eg. still photography, video productions and editing, sales and marketing services. 

As a named manager will work Terhi Kytö (Master of Laws, Master of Sport Sciences) who was just selected for Sports Management school in Vierumäki Sports and Education Center. Terhi has years of experience working in Sports and businessworld and has a great base for this project.

"I am thrilled of getting hands-on development of Professional Disc Golf and especially help young talents to pursue their dreams and motivate them to achieve all of them". Says Terhi.

Olivia took bronze in Tyyni 2021 - The Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe. Photo: Marika Salmi

Follow Olivia on Instagram: @kindstedtolivia 

If you are intested on working together with Olivia and help her out or want to know more about our management program you can contact Terhi directly by email terhi@nbdg.fi