NBDG Trilogy Mystery Box

NBDG Trilogy Mystery Box

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Do you know what is hard? Determine all the different colors that discs come in. 

Do you know what is even harder? Doing it while being colorblind.

Yeah, it's me, Juha. Owner of NBDG. I "suffer" from partial colorblindness like many of you too. This is the same time funny and not-so-funny when I am trying to determine all the colors that the discs have while feeding them into our website.

Sometimes there are just discs, especially the burst and swirly ones, that are so extremely colorful that I cannot decide what to call them. Then I put them aside for a mystery use. Not to make it only about the bursts, I also put aside some regular discs with something cool on them, like different shades or creamy textures. And of course, some everyday discs.

Once in a while, I gather all the mystery goodies from the storage and pack them firmly and quite randomly to boxes. Like now.

This time, our NBDG Trilogy Mystery Box contains some 2019 Team Series Lucid-X/Opto-X goodness, swirly candies, and simple but still good looking discs. There might even be some extremely rare wall-hangers!

Each box contains at least:

  • 1 x Lucid-X/Opto-X Team Series 2019 disc (22,90€)
  • 2 x Other premium-plastic discs (16,90€ + 17,90€)
  • 2 x Base-line plastic discs (11,90€ + 11,90€)
  • Something small extra

All of this totals over 80€, but with this Mystery Box, the price is only 59,90€!

This batch of NBDG Trilogy Mystery Boxes is very limited so grab yours quickly.


These are not actually boxes. All packed in cardboard pouches. 

Mystery Box will be delivered without receipt/invoice in the box. If you order anything else with Mystery Box, other items will be packed outside of the box.




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