Dynamic Discs Lucid-X Chameleon Vandal - Vandaali Tyyni Stamp

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Speed: 9 Glide: 5 Turn: -1.5 Fade: 2

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Special Tyyni 2021 release - Dynamic Discs Vandal with Finnish stamp "Vandaali". Part of 2021 Tyyni players pack.

All Tyyni products are fundraisers for the Tyyni -event and all income is forwarded towards the event.

Tyyni is an annual disc golf event and festival, hosted by NBDG at Sipoo and nearby cities. Tyyni is officially The Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe with over 1000 players playing simultaneously.

Visit Tyyni -website: https://tyyni.com

About The Vandal

The Vandal flies like a longer Maverick, so it’s extremely versatile.

Newer players will love the straighter lines they can throw, and players with more arm speed will enjoy it for easy turnovers or rollers.

The Vandal is built to carve up any course with dependable turn and sneaky speed. 

Speed: 9 Glide: 5 Turn: -1.5 Fade: 2

Chameleon effect: The disc will change color depending on the angle of light and background.