Natural Born Disc Golfer is a Finnish family-owned company and brand which is founded by me, Juha Kytö, the Disc Golf enthusiast. I believe we can make world a better place with Disc Golf and I am making my best to achieve that.
NBDG represents the hard work behind growing the sport. Endless hours of volunteering in the courses and events, behind the scenes in clubs and associations.

Our Mission

We want to make world a better place with Disc Golf.
Playing Disc Golf makes you feel better in physically and mentally.

Our Vision

To fullfil dreams; employ people in Disc Golf industry.
To offer the best Disc Golf Experience’s you can get.

Our Values

We value honest relationship with our customers.
We want to offer more so you could Get More.

History of NBDG

NBDG has a long journey behind and even longer ahead. NBDG started as a dyeing company in 2013, when I continued business of Anabolic Asteroid Custom Dyed Discs with two friends of mine.
Business was more a hobby than actually doing something and at the end of 2014, I decided to go more active. My wife Terhi, supported me with the idea and together we purchased rest of the company to our family.
In the beginning of 2015, we started to sell dyeing products and discs in webstore under the name Name and logo came from Sweden from company “Disc Golf Store” and we co-operated intensively for the first year. After that, the swedish branch faded away and started to live the life of its own fullest.
2016 we started our first brick & mortar store in Kerava, Finland. It was a small 40m2 room that was just going to be a warehouse at first. Soon we realised that it was not going to be big enough if we want to be a store and be taken seriously. Luckily, there was a big space available for us in the same building and we moved there to an huge 140m2 store. At the same time, young Teemu started in the store and studied Business Basics while working.
In the summer of 2016 I also started to plan Tyyni 2017, the Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe. My crazy and wild idea of bringing hundreds of people and businesses together in one place was shot down multiple times but with the help of the biggest sponsors (Westside, Latitude 64 and Dynamic Discs) who actually believed the idea, it was looking so positive that we did go forward with the plan.
2017 was the big year. Together with Terhi, we also started to run the business in Joensuun Tila under the name Sibbe. The place was the main center of the Tyyni event and has a small hotel, cafe, harbour, RV-area and obviously a Disc Golf course. Tyyni was a huge success, even that it made a negative income, but it was started basicly from a scratch and had a bright future ahead.
On 2017 DGStore (=NBDG) also launched a concept called NBDG Grand Slam. It is a tour which is played only in regular golf courses and we are not talking about those out of season events, but the events in the hottest season! Mike was the mastermind behind this experiment and it was also a success for us and specially for the sport of Disc Golf.
2018 is going to be the year when we once again want to be dynamic and change the way we work. DGStore is merged with NBDG and together with our great team members, we start to host events professionally. Combined with the webstore and great partners like Latitude 64, we have everything to offer what Disc Golfer needs from an event.

I (Juha) and all of our staff want to welcome you to our events and webstore. See you at the course and grow the sport!



Juha Kytö
CEO / Owner

Terhi600x600Terhi Kytö


Mikko “Mike” Wikman
Event Manager
+358 50 305 9950

Marika Salmi
Team Manager