DGStore and The Natural Born Disc Golfer have merged under one brand name; NBDG

We kept the best things from both brands and developed something new and unseen. You will still get the best Disc Golf gear from NBDG store with the fastest and best deliver there is. On top of that, you will also get the best Disc Golf events from NBDG.

NBDG Events

We gathered all of your best event formats in to packages where you know exactly what you get just by seeing the name. All the NBDG events are always organized as top level events, results are in immediatly, prizes paid fast and everything runs smoothly.

All of our TD:s are trained and experienced for the best experience for you.

See more of our events here: NBDG Events.


Natural Born Disc Golfer

NBDG is a brand started by finnish Disc Golf enthiusiast Juha Kytö. NBDG is on the front line of developing and growing the sport. Our whole staff is organizing events, competitions and educating TD:s around the world.

NBDG productions includes events like Tyyni the Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe and NBDG Grand Slam which is an Disc Golf Tour played only in regular golf courses. We are also hosting and producing all kinds of events from smaller weeklies to Finnish Nationals.

By choosing NBDG products and events, you are supporting Disc Golf and its growth all over the world.

Our Mission

We want to make world a better place with Disc Golf.
Playing Disc Golf makes you feel better in physically and mentally.

Our Vision

To fullfil dreams; employ people in Disc Golf industry.
To offer the best Disc Golf Experience’s you can get.

Our Values

We value honest relationship with our customers.
We want to offer more so you could Get More.


I (Juha) and all of our staff wants to welcome you to our events and webstore. See you at the course and grow the sport!


Juha Kytö
CEO / Owner

Terhi600x600Terhi Kytö

Mikko “Mike” Wikman
Event Manager
+358 50 305 9950

Marika Salmi
Team Manager