Obsidian Discs H9 Rift - NBDG Mini Badge

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Rift is a well-gliding, overstable flat top distance/control driver with a speed class of 11. The rim width is 21 mm and rim depth 12 mm. It is a reliable disc which holds the line even with high speeds, but will finish with a moderately sharp fade. Rift will not be the most overstable stone of the bag, but it will have a significant role in the end spectrum of overstable drivers. Rift is suitable for advanced and professional players for both backhand and forearm throws. It excels in hyzer and straight shots needing a sound fade.

Rift is made of H9 plastic material, which is very durable yet flexible, and with a good grip compared to other premium plastics. H9 is also one of the best materials for dyeing.

Rift is approved by PDGA, certificate # 18-40.

Flight rating: 11 5 0 3