Tyyni Heavy Metal Mini

Tyyni Heavy Metal Mini

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You've seen it, you've heard it, now you can get it!

The original metal mini from Tyyni 2019 is now available for all. This beauty is 100% metal and crafted just for Tyyni - the biggest disc golf event in Europe. 

As it is metal, it is not lightweight but heavy as you would imagine. No wonder it was quickly named "heavy metal mini from Finland".

Speed: 0
Glide: 0
Heavy Metal: 100%
SWAG: 100%

Notice: This item cannot be shipped in a letter. It's so heavy that it will be automatically a parcel with tracking ID.

All Tyyni products are fundraisers for the Tyyni -event and all income is forwarded towards the event.

Tyyni is an annual disc golf event and festival, hosted by NBDG at Sipoo and nearby cities. Tyyni is officially The Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe with over 1000 players playing simultaneously.

Visit Tyyni -website: https://tyyni.com

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