Prodigy Disc Ace Line D Model S BaseGrip

€ 10.90

Nopeus: 13 Liito: 6 Vakaus: 0 Feidi: 2

Varasto vähissä - 2 varastossa

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Like a Swiss Army knife, the utility of the D Model S is endless, because of its stable flight characteristics.

Thrown with power, this disc will ride a slow turn before having a soft fade. 
Players with less power, or throwing it with more finesse, will get a straighter flight out of the disc before it softly fades out.

Whether it's a long gliding hyzer, a powerful hyzer flip, or a beautifully shaped line, the D Model S can do it all

Speed: 13   | Glide: 6  | Turn: 0  | Fade: 2