Discraft Cryztal Flx Zone - Brodie Smith Signature Series

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The Zone - overstable putt and approach disc is the go-to workhorse putter for dependable overstability in any conditions.

The Zone is a very stable low-profile putter. Especially suitable for approaches, windy weather, and palm throwers. McBeth's credit disc and one of Discraft's most popular disc models. The profile of the Zone is typically wholly flat or even slightly concave.

About Crystal Flx plastic:

Cryztal Flx is a flexible and highly gripping version of Discraft's Cryztal. It looks great and is perfect for cooler weather and rain due to its grip. Cryztal Flx is a limited edition plastic compound, so availability is usually limited.

Attention: The selectable disc color indicates the primary color of the disc. 

Speed: 4 / Glide: 3 / Turn: 0 / Fade: 3