Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Judge - NBDG Circle 3.0

€ 12.90

Nopeus: 2 Liito: 4 Vakaus: 0 Feidi: 1


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Always popular Judge, putter from Dynamic Discs. Now with the fresh NBDG Circle 3.0 hot stamp design.

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Why was the Judge named the 2013 Disc of the Year in the Player's Choice Awards? It is incredibly predictable in flying and hitting the chains. It is a fantastic throwing putter that will fly straight and glide for amazing distances. It comes in 7 different plastics so that your preferred feel is available in this disc. Come see why this disc has become so popular and judged other, more well-known discs, to be insufficient.

Speed: 2 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 1

Max Weight: 176g

About Classic Blend:
Classic Blend is the perfect combination of grip and flexibility in the Classic plastic series. If Classic Soft is too soft and Classic is too hard, reach for the blend!