NBDG Bar Logo - Contrast Colour Huppari

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NBDG Bar Logo on kaikille teille faneille. HUOMIO: Tämä tuote voidaan toimittaa erikseen muusta tilauksesta. 

Koko mustana? Punaisena niin kuin rakkaus? Vai harmaana niin kuin kissat yöllä? Jos olet perso väreille If you are on occasion susceptible to colour mood swings, then this here is for you. Here comes the perfect unisex hoodie for everyone who doesn’t want to decide.

  • Unisex malli: formfitting for men, slightly wider for women (when in doubt, order a size bigger or smaller)
  • Contrast colour hoodie inside with cord
  • Hoodie with cord string and hidden loops for in-ear headphones as well as a patch kangaroo pocket with concealed recess for a headphone cable.
  • nice and smooth fabrics: 280 g/m²
  • Materiaali 80% puuvillaa, 20% polyesteri

Contrast Colour Hoodie | AWDis Just Hoods

normal fit
S 670 mm 510 mm 590 mm
M 700 mm 560 mm 605 mm
L 730 mm 610 mm 620 mm
XL 760 mm 650 mm 635 mm
XXL 790 mm 690 mm 650 mm