Obsidian Discs H9 Cinder - NBDG Mini Badge

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Purchasing NBDG branded products helps our mission to make the world a better place with disc golf. 

The Cinder is the more stable model of the fairway drivers by Obsidian Discs. The Cinder excels both in backhand and forehand throws, regardless of the players’ skill levels. As a disc of low speed rating, the Cinder is an easily handled tool for situations requiring precise control. It is suitably overstable to make many kinds of throws possible. The Cinder is an exceedingly well gliding disc and with its versatility it meets outstandingly the needs of both the amateur and the professional players.

Cinder is made of H9 plastic material, which is very durable yet flexible, and with a good grip compared to other premium plastics. H9 is also one of the best materials for dyeing.

Cinder is approved by PDGA, certificate # 16-67.

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