Upsi Fundraiser Obsidian Discs H9 Shard

€ 25.00

Nopeus: 7 Liito: 5 Vakaus: -1.5 Feidi: 1


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Longwaited official Upsi supporter disc! This limited edition epic and unique disc will top your bag!

As the number of users keeps increasing, Upsi is in need of help to keep the servers running. By purchasing this disc you join the team of supporters making the free app available for you, your friends, disc golfers in Finland and around the world. And we salute you!

Upsi is based in the greatest disc golf country in the world, Finland. Thus naturally our fundraiser disc is from a Finnish manufacturer.

The Shard, by Obsidian discs based in Joensuu, is an easy to throw and excellently gliding fairway driver. With beginners the Shard’s flight trajectory is straight and ends with a moderate fade. With advanced players the disc is at its best in technical hyzer flips and long overturning throws, where the Shard is stable enough to keep the flight path in control.

Shard is made of H9 plastic material, which is very durable yet flexible, and with a good grip compared to other premium plastics. H9 is also one of the best materials for dyeing.

Flight rating: 7 5 -1.5 1