NBDG Fuengirola Open 2019

Welcome to The Biggest Disc Golf Event in Spain!

Hosted for the fourth time and being the biggest event in Spain, NBDG Fuengirola Open is back for 2019 and is also part of The Perfect Flight Tour!

On November of 2019 Monkeys are coming to Mijas and welcoming you to join for warm and casual PDGA rounds.

The story of NBDG Fuengirola Open goes back to February 2017 when NBDG members visited DGP Mijas for the first time and hosted a first official PDGA event in the course. The event was named “Monkeys in Mijas” and there was a massive crowd of 15 players in the event.
End of 2017, Monkeys returned and hosted another event, Monkeys in Mijas vol 2. This time event had grown a bit and there were 66 players.
At October of 2018, the event returned and was hosted for the 3rd time. The name was changed to NBDG Fuengirola Open, to tell people more where the event is located in. This time it was a huge success and there were 108 players from all around the world. That also made the event the biggest one ever played in Spain.

When and what?

The event is played from 31st of October to 2nd of November and holds 3 rounds for every player with tee times. All major Pro and Amateur divisions are offered.
Every player will play 3 rounds, no matter what their score or division is. Each day you will play 1 round.

NOTICE! Plan your stay at the minimum of 30th October to 3th of November to enjoy the event at the fullest! Do not travel back home 2nd of November as you might need to cancel your round and will miss the player's dinner.


DGP Mijas is a unique course right next to famous Fuengirola city in Costa del Sol. It has a good variety of holes with extreme elevations and beautiful views over the city and to the ocean. See course Facebook pages for more information: https://www.facebook.com/discgolfparkmijas

In the event, we will play the default layout. 

DGP Mijas is a pay-to-play course and your fee for the tournament days are covered in the registration fee. In case you come to practice, you can pay the course fee to the Mijas DGP Pro Shop.

What is included in the entry fee?

Registration fee includes:

  • Entitlement to play in B-tier event

  • Players pack in all divisions (Amateur divisions have slightly more than pros)

  • Course fees for tournament days (total of 3 daily fees of 10€ = 30€)

  • Trophies for top-3 in all divisions.

In Pro -divisions, 50€/player goes into the divisions prize pool. Top 25% paid.

Cash prize is convertible for store credit to NBDG.fi.


Payouts / Prizes

In all Pro -divisions, 50€/player goes into the division's prize pool (Payout 83,3%) Top 25% is paid inside the division.
All amateur divisions are Trophy only - no store credit etc prizes.
During the award ceremony, there will be raffles amongst all players present. 

NBDG Junior Program

NBDG Fuengirola Open will be part of the NBDG Junior Program. This means that divisions MJ18 and FJ18 will have no entry fee (=is free). 
Players participating these divisions will still have the same player pack and advantages as normal divisions.
Note that there are player limits set to these divisions (MJ18 max 8 players and FJ18 max 4 players).

Preliminary Schedule

Wednesday 30th of October

  • Pre-Check in DGP Mijas from 12:00 to 15:00
  • Doubles event with flex starts from 12:00 to 15:00.
    Bring your own partner or show up alone and we try to hook you up with someone! Entry fee is the cost of daily course fee. DGP Mijas prizes for the division winners (Open and Mixed) and some prizes are raffled.
    Voluntary extra prize pool 5€/each person. Payout 100%. The best pair gets 75% and the second pair 25%.


Thursday 31st of October

  • 1st round with tee-times. Random groups.
    Tee-times from 08:00 to 15:00
  • Come to TD 10 minutes before your tee-time (DGP Mijas office)

Friday 1st of November

  • 2nd round with tee-times. Order by results within divisions.
    Division order: see below.
    Tee-times from 08:00 to 15:00
  • Come to TD 10 minutes before your tee-time

Saturday 2nd of November

  • 3rd round with tee-times. Order by results within divisions.
    Division order: see below.
    Tee-times from 08:00 to 15:00
  • Come to TD 10 minutes before your tee-time
  • A common award ceremony for all divisions, after everyone has finished. Estimated time 18:00.
  • Player Dinner and event After-Party @ TBA : 20:30

Division order

1st round
All random

2nd and 3rd round
FA4, MA4, FA3, MA3, FA2, MA2, FA1, MA1, MJ18, FJ18, MA40, MP50, MP40, FPO, MPO

More information and registration

Online registration opens February 10, 2019 at 8:00pm GMT

Registration Fees

All pro divisions 100€ / player
All amateur divisions 70€ / player
All junior divisions 50€ / player


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