NBDG Tuscany Open 2020

Welcome to the NBDG Tuscany Open 2020

Do not miss out this amazing Disc Golf Experience in warm and one of the most beautiful places in whole Europe, Italy's very own Tuscany! 

NBDG Tuscany Open is hosted for the second time in 2020. Exact dates will be from 10th to 14th of June.

The event is 1 round/day basis with tee-times. 3 days, 3 rounds plus side-events like Wine Tasting and Player Dinner.

The event takes place at Fattoria di Pietrabuona which is located ideally next to Lucca, near Pisa and Florence, not too far from Milan or Rome. Perfect location to take your whole family with you!

During the tournament days, common shopping trip or day at the natural thermal spa's can be arranged for the travel companions; there is no reason to leave your girlfriend or wife home.

At the nights we can experience the best of Tuscany, visit a wine farm with wine and food tasting and of course, have a great feast all together! Table's are filled with the best local products, wine, cheese, olive oil, and pasta!

Where to fly?

If you need to fly to Italy, nearest airports are Pisa and Florence/Firenze (~45mins drive). Milan and Rome are about 3-hour drive away. 


Getting there by Public Transport

Train from Florence to Pescia, Lucca every half an hour. Ticket costs around 6€. From Rome or Milan, head first to Florence and proceed to Lucca.

Taxi from the Lucca to Pietrabuona (course and accommodation) costs around 10€. 

A lot of busses from different cities stop at Lucca.



Fattoria di Pietrabuona also has lots of housing to offer with reasonable price and SUPERB value for your money. Can you imagine how refreshed and relaxed you can feel, waking up to Tuscan sunrise on at mountains? No, you can't, you need to experience it yourself.

If you want to act fast and get the best accommodation, you can contact Fattoria di Pietrabuona directly immediately. Send an email to info@pietrabuona.com (English or Italy), or you can call for more information to +39.0572.408115

Their website: http://www.pietrabuona.com

Find pricing table for the time of the event on this file:

NOTICE! At booking.com and similar booking sites, it looks fully booked but is not. You need to book directly. This is to get you the best price deal for the accommodation.

Event preliminary schedule

Details on the schedule might chance. Make sure to plan your trip from 10th to 14th (full days) to make the most out of the trip.

Wednesday 10th of June.
Practice day
Doubles event and Check-in

    Thursday 11th of June.
    Check-in and 1st round during the day with tee-times.
    Please, check in to #1 tee 10 minutes before your tee-time. 

    Friday 12th of June.
    2nd round with tee-times.
    Wine Tasting starting 19:00
    Wine tasting located here:

    *You can purchase tickets to Wine Tasting while registering. Cost is 25€/person, and it includes a tour at the Wine Farm and tasting of 4 of their most excellent wines with matching side snack with them. 

    After the tasting, we will raffle a golden ticket within the people at the Wine Tasting and winner will receive six bottles of the wine of their own choice and a bottle of the local olive oil. 

    Saturday 13th of June
    3rd round with tee-times.
    The award ceremony and players dinner at 19:00

    At the Award Ceremony, there is also a players dinner, which you can buy tickets to for a price of 30€/person (children under 10 years of age discount 50%, children under 3 year of age are free of charge.)

    The buffet dinner is usually composed of Variety of Tuscan 'crostini' at least 3 different type, unique olive paté tapenade,  selection of Tuscan cheeses with our honey and special jams, Tuscan cold cuts selection, special vegetable Tuscan bread soup.
    Following we serve 2 different type of pasta, one will be together with meat sauce and the other is stuffed pasta wish sage and butter, we end with a typical Tuscan dessert.  

    Red and white wine are served with no limits and of course water.

    The location is in Cellar which is below the main Villa, a very lovely and charming place.

    During the dinner, we will raffle out prizes with all the players that are present. Discs, apparel and other gear and as a grand prize, 1-week free stay at Fattoria di Pietrabuona!

    Sunday 14th of June
    Traveling day, see you next year!

    About the course

    The course is located inside Fattoria di Pietrabuona premises. See details from here: http://www.pietrabuona.com/en/info-e-recapiti/where-we-are/

    Fattoria di Pietrabuona had nine hole course which was expanded to 19 holes during 2019 for the first NBDG Tuscany Open. The 19 hole course is now permanent and in use all year round.

    Here is what the course looks by numbers and preliminary course map.

    Amateur nine - Short and easy holes. Take your birdies here and avoid bogeys. You need your best technical shots, a bit of luck and a good putt to make the best.

    Hole, lenght, par, elevation (estimated)
    1. 54m par 3 0m
    2. 55m par 3 0m
    3. 65m par 3 0m
    4. 63m par 3 0m
    5. 70m par 3 +2m
    6. 57m par 3 -1m
    7. 54m par 3 +1m
    8. 45m par 3 +7m
    9. 50m par 3 +8m

    Professional ten - on the top of the mountain, things get tricky. Longer and tighter holes. A lot of elevation, both up and down. Birdies are good but especially try to dodge bogeys.

    Hole, lenght, par, elevation (estimated)
    10. 80m par 3 +6m
    11. 101m par 3 -8m
    12. 140m par 4 0m
    13. 80m par 3 +1m
    14. 160m par 4 +10m
    15. 75m par 3 -1m
    16. 75m par 3 +2m
    17. 90m par 3 -8m
    18. 110m par 3 -1m
    19. 153m par 4 -19m

    Payout and prizes

    All divisions have 60% payout. Cash prizes in pro divisions and store credit in Amateur -divisions.

    Top-3 will receive trophies in all divisions.

    NBDG Junior Program

    NBDG Tuscany Open will be part of the NBDG Junior Program. This means that divisions MJ18 and FJ18 will have no entry fee (=is free). 
    Players participating these divisions will still have the same player pack and advantages as normal divisions.
    Note that there are player limits set to these divisions (MJ18 max 8 players and FJ18 max 4 players).


    Registration to the event will take place in Disc Golf Scene when event details are published. Stay tuned!