Discraft ESP Buzzz

€ 18.90

Discraft’s Buzzz is one of the most popular discs.

The Buzzz keeps the angle given to the disc ideally and is highly reliable. Suitable for players of all levels from beginner to professional, and is now one of the credit winners of 5-time world champion Paul McBeth. An absolute choice for the midrange department!

About ESP Plastic:

ESP is a very durable plastic compound with a Good Grip. Renovated in 2018, when the ESP plastic got a new stylish bump, grip and durability were further improved. The ESP plastic discs also feature spectacular unique swirls. Discs of ESP plastic can have several colors or shades, or they can be almost monochromatic.

Attention: The selectable disc color indicates the primary color of the disc. 

Speed: 5 / Glide: 4 / Turn: -1 / Fade: 1