Olivia Kindstedt

2022 Tour Fundraiser

Latitude 64 Opto Ice River - Olivia Kindstedt 2022 Fundraiser

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Olivia Kindstedt Fundraiser 2022 - *Limited edition* Only available in NBDG Store!

By buying this disc, you will support Olivia's touring around Europe in season 2022.

"I chose River because it's my top two most used fairway driver. I know how River flies and I can trust this disc 100%, whatever the weather is. 

Thank you for supporting my 2022 tour!"

-Olivia Kindstedt

The River is slow, very glidy, and straight fairway driver. 

The River is a disc with THE GLIDE. It's easy to throw and fits most players' power and skill levels. River is a fairway control driver and while it's not the fastest disc Latitude 64 has made and doesn't have the widest wing ever made, it is a disc for accurate driving and good control. With a small fade and amazing glide, you can really let it fly onto those big anhyzer curves.

How it feels?

River has a very slim rim, so it fits everyone's hand. 

About Opto Ice Plastic:

Opto Ice plastic feels a little more flexible than normal Opto, and there are some metal flakes to make some more beauty to this disc and apprehend the famous Opto Glimmer plastic in looks.

Speed: 7 Glide: 7 Turn: -1 Fade: 1


Olivia Kindstedt

-Finnish National Junior Champion 2019 & 2020

-Finnish National Mixed Doubles Champion 2020

-Finnish National Team Champion 2020

-Finnish Nationals 2020 8th place

-Finnish Nationals 2021 6th place

-Finnish Pro Tour 2021 4th place

-European Championships 2021 Juniors 4th place