Dynamic Discs Lucid Ice Evader - Ricky Wysocki SOCKIBOMB Stamp

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Speed: 7 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 2.5

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The Evader is 2x world champion's Ricky Wysocki go-to fairway driver

The Evader is your new go-to fairway driver. It has controllable speed with excellent glide and enough stability to hold the line, even into the wind. The Evader's 7-speed means that you can count on it to fill the distance gap between your 5-speed midranges and 9-speed fairway drivers, like the Escape or the Getaway. The Evader is extremely versatile, and its consistent fade means that you can work it on anhyzer and know that it will get back to flat.

How's it feels?

The evader has wide rim, so you don't need big arm, to get a good grip. These Lucid ice Evader's has a small dome

About Lucid Ice: 

Opto Ice plastic feels a little more flexible than normal Opto, and there are some metal flakes to make some more beauty to this disc and apprehend the famous Opto Glimmer plastic in looks.