Tyyni Mystery Box

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During the Tyyni Open 2022, we released a Tyyni-themed Mystery Box with specialties inside like a design from Jonathan Fastborg from Latitude 64, Skeet Skienski, and some throwback designs from Tyyni that have not never seen a surface of the disc. We also included things from European Pro Tour partners and of course the Tyyni event itself.

Each box contains at least:

  • 5 discs including exclusive releases
  • Surprise worth ~20€
  • Something small extra

The value for your investment is over 150% This batch of Tyyni Mystery Boxes is very limited so grab yours quickly.


Mystery Box will be delivered without receipt/invoice in the box. If you order anything else with Mystery Box, other items will be packed outside of the box.


PS. Want a sneak peek what's in the box? Check this video for a spoiler what kind of special design Jonathan from Latitude 64 made for this box!