NBDG Events Golden Ticket 2024

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Did you miss the Black Friday offer? Don't worry, NBDG Events Golden Ticket is now on sale for 499.00 € – get yours before the products run out!

The highly requested season ticket to NBDG Events is now available! Value your money and save a lot by purchasing access to almost all NBDG events at once.

While figuring out what events to include in the ticket, it became clearer to us that YOU WANT IT ALL! So, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, here you have it: the NBDG Events Golden Ticket.

With this ticket, you can access over 100 NBDG-organized events during 2024.

What events are included?
Events (and the preliminary number of upcoming events) where Golden Ticket is valid in 2024: 

  • NBDG events all over Finland
    NBDG Premium & Special (12) 
    NBDG Amateurs (40)
    NBDG One Round (12)
    NBDG Grand Slam (2)
    Leagues by NBDG (2 leagues, 12 events)
    NBDG Ladies Series (13)
  • Sibbe Disc Golf events
    Sibbe liiga (2 leagues, 14 events)
    Jussin Kisat (1)

  • TYYNI events
    Road to Tyyni (2)

    The total value of all entry fees is over 2400€.

    Black Friday Bonus

    Added to the huge discount, there is an additional bonus if you buy GOLDEN TICKET during Black Friday campaign

    • Free entry to these events by NBDG
      Mijas Experience (1)
      Fuengirola Open (1)


    Events not included in the Ticket

    • Doubles events
    • Trilogy Challenge and equivalent events
    • Tyyni main events
    • Other events organized by NBDG (Nationals, different tour events etc.)


    Does my division matter? 
    No. Golden Ticket is valid to every division. Your entry fee will be marked as paid, no matter what division. Your entry also affects the payouts, as you would have paid normally.


    How about Event Extras?
    Golden Ticket covers only your regular entry fee. For example, Ace Pool, lunch, course fee etc. are not covered.


    Is this also a wild card?
    No. You still need to register for events with normal registration stages. 


    What if there is a lot of cancellations?

    We work with honest relationships with our customers and partners. You should feel safe and your investment should be safe even with cancellations. We will figure out what we do if there are cancellations.

    For 2020, we had 3 months canceled (+ Tyyni and NBDG-X tour) due to COVID-19 and the 2020 Golden Tickets were extended for the whole year of 2021. Everyone who has got the ticket Got More than expected. Like always.

    NBDG Events Golden Ticket is on sale only during Black Week and up to Cyber Monday. The sale ends Monday night 27.11. or when the tickets run out.

    No other discounts to be used with this product.