NBDG Mystery Box

€ 64.90
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NBDG Mystery Box is Here!

Not sure what to choose? Want to surprise yourself or maybe your neighbor? Tired of these stupid questions?

Stop everything right now! NBDG Mystery Box is here to save you! This is solution to all of your problems.

Let the gods from the skies (AKA Miika at the warehouse) make the selection for you. You might get a stock stamped, special edition, limited edition, special limited, or anything from our inventory or even something that is not available at the store!

Every box includes:

2pcs Durable disc

1pcs Affordable disc


  • Surprise worth ~20€
  • Something small extra

This box is WORTH it! And the price is ONLY 29,90!

Discs are from various manufacturers, not only one.

Mystery Boxes will be delivered without a receipt/invoice in the box. If you order anything else with Mystery Box, other items will be packed outside of the box.