Obsidian Discs H9 Caldera - NBDG Mini Badge

€ 16.90

Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 2

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Caldera is Obsidian Discs’ first driver disc. Its rim width is 22 mm (0.87″) and therefore its speed class is 12. The disc’s properties make it an understable distance driver. The underside of the rim is slightly rounded, making it very comfortable to throw.

Caldera is made of the H9 plastic material, which is exceptionally durable, flexible and grippy also when slightly wet. Caldera performs best in calm weather and with a tailwind. Caldera can also be used by new players, even though wide-rimmed discs are usually not recommended for novices.

Caldera is approved by PDGA, certificate # 16-45.

Flight rating: 12 5 -1 2