Gabriel Särkelä

Gabriel Särkelä

Gabriel “Kaapo” is an warm hearted, gentle and kind Disc Golf enthusiast from Porvoo, Finland. As a Tournament Director he is always making sure that players have everything they need and the experience in his tournament is “to the max”. His good enthusiasm doesnt just stop to the events, but he is also one key person in his club.

Natural Born Disc Golfer is proud to have Kaapo in the team! Come and greet this awesome guy in Tyyni 2018. PS. he likes to tell “dad jokes”. Ask for a one!

Gabriel Särkelä #75315

Kulloonkylä, Finland

Home course
Sibbe Disc Golf

Favourite course
Kaatis, Vihti Finland

What is Disc Golf for me?
Disc Golf is so many things. It´s a way to feel free, it´s spending time in nature, it´s spending time with family, it´s spending time with good friends, it´s getting new friends, it´s exercise, it´s mental exercise, it´s competing, it´s arranging tournaments, it´s managing local club, it´s something to film and something to watch and soon it´s a job for me. The list goes on, but the main thing is probably to spread the joy of this great sport in the nature with great people.

Most memorable Disc Golf moment?
As spectator, definitely my first trip to States to watch USDGC 2016.

As competitor, those tournaments where I was able to raise my game in last round and win them from chase card and definitely that 100 hole charity tournament where I competed against my friend. Last 25 holes were so crazy, we birdied almost everything and the spirit was just awesome. Didn´t win that one, but it felt like a win for me.

As TD, Tyyni 2017. It was my honor to be a part of making something so unique event for so many players and that feeling I got when all those 468 players smiled and enjoyed their time in the event was priceless. Can´t wait for Tyyni 2018.

Why Natural Born Disc Golfer?
With this great group of monkeys I get even better tools to spread the joy of this great sport.


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