Sami Hyvönen

Sami Hyvönen

Sami Hyvönen

Helsinki, Finland

Home course
Kivikko, Helsinki

Favourite course
The list is as long as my drives are

What is Disc Golf for me?
A hobby, a tool I can use at my day job with the kids, a passion… “Life is just a part of disc golf!”

Most memorable Disc Golf moment?
During the four years I’ve been playing disc golf there have been loads of memorable moments, both good and bad. However, the one I will probably always remember the best is when I got to guide a blind boy in putting and throwing at speed radar. The joy and the excitement on his face – priceless!

Why Natural Born Disc Golfer?
I want to continue promoting disc golf both on and off the course. I have lots of ideas related to disc golf and as a NBDG team member I will be able to bring those ideas to life also in the future. And besides, the logo is incredibly neat!


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