Even if Tyyni 2018 is just done, both the tournament staff and players are planning for next year. And why should´nt they, as this years Tyyni was the biggest disc golf event in European history. Many of us now have the “Tyyni hangover”, after over a week filled with smiles, experiences, friends and of course – a ton of disc golf! So what better way to cure it, than to start planning for next years Tyyni?

Here are 10 reasons why you should start right now.

1. The experience

The first point is also the hardest to explain. Because how do you explain being in a town with 750 other like minded people, the feeling of being in a state of constant disc golf both on and off the course? But this is what you are left with when the week is done – the experience and the memories for a lifetime. You just kinda have to experience it for yourself.

Philo Brathwaite got a “Tyyni Experience” by winning a hand painted disc golf painting in a raffle.


2. The players pack

The entry fee for Tyyni is not the smallest, but on the other side the players pack is one of the biggest for amateurs. Where else can you pay 105EURO (all amateurs) and get an exclusive bag AND umbrella, two shirts, a cap, custom items and more?!? The answer is – nowhere!

700 customized Dynamic Discs Commander backpacks waiting to be handed out to players.

3. The side events

Tyyni 2018 was a three round A-tier, divided on four courses. But there are so much more to the Tyyni week. There where several C-tiers, midnight disc golf, mini golf, bungee jumping, mölkky, beer & burgers just to name a few. My favorite was the mini golf, even if my play was as random there as with normal discs.

During Opening ceremony, there was open bungy jump for everyone.

Opening and Award Ceremony stage set up. Not an usual set-up for players meeting!

4. The people

With such a pleasant environment filled with disc golf, it is not strange that there is so many smiling, happy people on and around the course. Meeting new people and making new friendships will happen almost by it self.

High-fiving each other, not because of good scores but for the awesome time spent together during round.

5. The pro`s

Three world champions where on the course during this years Tyyni, just to point out the strength of the field. Still remember following the feature card on the first day, Nevas hole 10, 320 meter par five. Reigning world champion Ricky Wysocki on the tee box and threw the very same line as me, only 70 meter further. Fantastic to see that level of play on the same course as you are playing yourself.

Ricky Wysocki celebrating after making the winning putt.

Seppo Paju adjusting his lines.

6. The food

I know what you are thinking – “what do you mean, Finnish food?”. Well, the specially created Tyyni burger at Box Grill and Bar was just plain awesome! The restaurant at the Nevas golf course had a bargain for a lunch buffet, with a good selection of food. And of course The Van at Sibbe, handmade chips and super tasty fish. Can`t get better than that!

Original Fish & Chips. Part of the Tyyni experience!

Official Tyyni -burger. Designed by players and available only during Tyyni. Most of the players rated this the best burger they have ever ate!

7. The courses

The tournament this year was played on four different courses, all challenging the players in different ways. From long bomber holes on Nevas, to the short technical holes on Kartano, this tournament got it all.   

Sibbe Disc Golf hole #1 decorated for the event

Small gallery in Nevas Golf Course during the first round.

8. The flymart

During the flymart, it looked like everyone brought out their A game. Launch of fundraisers, highly limited edition discs (did I hear someone say crystal Warships…?), pro`s signing discs and more. A must visit for all disc nerds, where you could do some nice scores and even make some money.

Lots of people lining up to get some goodies from Tyyni Flymart


9. #tyynimoment

Just go on Instagram and search for it, you`ll get to know what I mean.

10. The bragging rights

I mean how can you attend this event and NOT brag about it? You don`t want to miss that opportunity in 2019!

Jørn Idar Kvig

Jørn Idar Kvig

Team Natural Born Disc Golfer

Jørn Idar Kvig a.k.a. The Frisbeer Guy.

I’m a disc golfer and disc golf promoter, brewer and beer enthusiast. I am from Oslo, Norway and TD’ing of a handful of tournaments every year. I am also a writer for the biggest disc golf site in Norway; Frisbeegolf Norge.