Tyyni - The Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe

800 players around the world, 4 courses, 11 days of Disc Golf and side-events.

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Tyyni Hangover

Even if Tyyni 2018 is just done, both the tournament staff and players are planning for next year. And why should´nt they, as this years Tyyni was the biggest disc golf event in European history. Many of us now have the “Tyyni hangover”, after over a week...

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Natural Born Disc Golfer

Natural Born Disc Golfer

NBDG is a brand started by finnish Disc Golf enthiusiast Juha Kytö. NBDG is on the front line of developing and growing the sport. Our whole staff is organizing events, competitions and educating TD:s around the world.

NBDG productions includes events like Tyyni the Biggest Disc Golf Event in Europe and NBDG Grand Slam which is an Disc Golf Tour played only in regular golf courses. We are also hosting and producing all kinds of events from smaller weeklies to Finnish Nationals.

By choosing NBDG products and events, you are supporting Disc Golf and its growth all over the world.

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