NBDG Events

NBDG is Finland's most experienced disc golf events organizer through the ages. We have organized thousands of different disc golf events and competitions from small weekend events to the biggest European disc golf event and Finnish championships tournaments.

By participating in NBDG events you support Finnish disc golf and you help to promote both the sport itself and the development around it. In addition, you know that you are getting an event experience that is properly and sustainably produced.

You can reserve NBDG to organize an event for you. It can be the company's recreational day or the club's home course's first event. Please contact events@nbgd.fi and ask for more information.

Event calendar

From NBDG event calendar you can find all the NBDG events in Finland and abroad and also events which are placed in Sibbe Disc Golf.

You can open the Google calendar from here.

You can find all upcoming NBDG events from Disc Golf Metrix.

You can also save the link https://metrix.nbdg.fi to your bookmarks.