For clubs

 We cooperate diversely with disc golf clubs. Advantages for contract clubs and their members:
  • discount on our NBDG online store
  • help and support to organize events


Supporting you in organizing events

Many disc golf clubs would like to have more events on their home course. Club activists don't have time for arrangements or there are not enough active members to lead the events. They might like to try organizing events, but there's not enough experience yet to run the whole. Active members would like to participate in the events themselves without the pressure of the arrangements. Familiar problems in many clubs.

We have organized events in cooperation with clubs across Finland for several years now. Measured by the number of PDGA competitions, we are the most experienced organizers in Finland and Europe and move tens of thousands of people every year.

Europe's largest frisbee golf event gathers more than 1,000 simultaneous Frisbee golf enthusiasts and competitors each year to compete with each other.

Clear entities

Our experienced professionals carry out the events according to certain concepts. The concepts enable both cooperation clubs and those participating in the competition to know what they are getting and rely on high-quality implementation.

Our event concept includes:

  • professional staff operating
  • all competition (initial preparations, application, sanctioning, player meetings, result service, prizes, TD report)
  • event marketing on NBDG channels
  • we are also responsible for taxes, payment costs, rewards, printouts, and other small and even higher discreet expenses

The club is responsible for:

  • preparing the course for event and making possible maintenance or office space available for the duration of the event

What will the club get from events?

  • the club receives a share of the entry fees
  • club members can play without the hassle caused by the arrangements
  • if you wish, we can train the club's activists in connection with the organization of the event, in which case you will have a good opportunity to organize the next event on your own

If you are interested in an easier event arrangement or want us to come and organize an event on your home course, please contact us by email and we'll see how we can help!

How to get a partnership with us?

Send a free-form application to our customer service, tell us about your club's activities, and contact person details. We require that the club's activities are well-established and orderly (registered association) and that members are actively informed about the club's benefits, for example through the club's website.

When we have approved your club to be our cooperation partner, we activate membership benefits for members of your club.