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Do you want to reach the disc golf community?

Do you want to organize a disc golf event for your staff or customers?

NBDG meets your every need with ease!

Disc golf suits everyone. It is a low-threshold sport that can be played in fresh air together with friends. In addition, disc golf is a highly competitive international sport. NBDG operates on every level of the sport.



With disc golf, you reach the target group M18-44 perfectly.




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“As we want to make the world a better place with disc golf, NBDG has developed into Europe's leading disc golf event and media producer in the past 9 years.”

Partnership FAQ


An example of a co-production between NBDG Events and NBDG Media


Our partners will get

  • Millions of views in top-quality disc golf media productions
  • Recreation days organized for your employees
  • Disc golf technique coaching for your employees
  • Disc golf leagues organized for companies
  • Disc golf competition branded with your company’s name and organized for your needs by NBDG professionals
  • Media productions for your use to boost your company’s social media


“Disc golf suits everyone and it is easy to start. Disc golf is a low-threshold sport.” Rainer Lindqvist, Kotipizza Marketing Director

  1. Reach millions of views in Finland and Europe
  • NBDG Media produces live broadcasts and post-recordings of the major disc golf competitions
  • The partner has strong digital visibility in the competition videos. In addition, the partner's brand is advertised in the competition event itself
  • Of more than 100,000 net viewers of the videos, the majority are men between the ages of 18 and 44


  1. Staff recreation and disc golf coaching for groups
  • Disc golf suits everyone. It is a low-threshold sport that can be played in fresh air together with friends.
  • Your recreation day is effortlessly organized in one place.
  • NBDG provides guidance and all equipment. The course is reserved for your private use and everything is ready when you arrive.
    • If your event is held at Sibbe Disc Golf in Sipoo, you will also be able to enjoy Villa Sibbe's conference, accommodation and restaurant services.


  1. Disc Golf leagues for companies
  • NBDG is a professional disc golf event organizer. We organize both small and large events.
  • For example
    • Multi-competition disc golf league for your company’s staff. Challenge your network to join your league
    • An amateur-level frisbee golf competition with your company’s name
    • NBDG makes your wishes come true.


  1. Disc golf competition with your company’s name
  • We can organize a competition for disc golf professionals
  • The competition video will be filmed and published on our channels



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