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The collaboration between Kotipizza and NBDG is a shot “Worth of a Slice”

The collaboration between Kotipizza and NBDG is a shot “Worth of a Slice”

The collaboration between Kotipizza and NBDG is a shot “Worth of a Slice”

During the season 2021, in the disc golf competition videos, viewers became familiar with the slowdowns of Kotipizza, which were shown as top performances as shots “Worth of Slice,” which became a phenomenon among enthusiasts of the sport. So why did Kotipizza become a partner in disc golf?

Disc golf is growing strongly and can be a hobby in many aspects; for one relatively lightly as an outdoor exercise or even more seriously taken activity when competing. In disc golf, almost anyone can get to a reasonable level pretty quickly, and it’s a low-threshold sport that suits everyone and is easy to get started. It is crucial for Kotipizza to be involved in disc golf for these reasons.

"Playing disc golf is possible for everyone, easy to get started, and it's a low threshold activity." - Rainer Lindqvist, Marketing Director, Kotipizza

Kotipizza also recognized the potential of disc golf and the similarity to their products and services. In addition, when the target group hit the right place, the decision to start cooperation was easy to make.


Highlights from the pilot season

  • Kotipizza’s “Worth of Slice” phrase refers to the slowdown in the top performance of the competition videos and has found its place in the standard vocabulary of the sport.
  • Kotipizza's opening spot, "Kotikatsomon eväät tarjoaa Kotipizza," has been viewed more than 2.5 million times at the beginning of more than a hundred competition videos.
  • The competition videos for the 2021 season audience saw more than 100 shots of “Worth of Slice.” Those shots have been viewed more than a million times on several occasions.

The message from Kotipizza's spot ads has reached more than a million views.


Kotipizza spot ads during 2021: Ylämummo and Huuhkana.

Season 2022

After a remarkably successful pilot season, Kotipizza and NBDG are expanding their collaboration for the following season.

In addition to the familiar “Worth of Slice” shots from the competition videos, a completely separate Kotipizza Slaissi Tour (Slice Tour) will take place during the upcoming season. In the Slaissi Tour, top players in the sport will chase hole wins by playing a hole-specific skins game that encourages maximum performance per hole instead of whole round.

The five challenges on Kotipizza’s Slaissi Tour are produced as a video series, the episodes of which will be released during the summer of 2022 on Disc Golf Stream’s free YouTube channel.

In addition, in the 2022 season, Kotipizza wants to support young people's competition activities as a partner of the NBDG Junior Program and will also bring tasty slices to more than a hundred NBDG Events disc golf events.




LinkedIn: NBDG Natural Born Disc Golfer https://www.linkedin.com/company/nbdg-natural-born-disc-golfer