NBDG Events Partnerships

NBDG is a professional in disc golf events organizator. We organize both small and large events.

In addition organizing more than 200 PDGA-sanctioned events in Finland every year, we also organize the top-level European Pro Tour and the largest single event in Europe, Tyyni, which is attended by more than 1,000 players at a time!

Leagues for staff between one or more companies

  • NBDG Events organizes an event for the company; small or large; everything will be sorted out. You name it, we make it!
  • For example
    • A challenge league for staff, even with companies in a neighboring office
    • A competition for enthusiasts in the name of the company
    • Creating an epic special solution together; NBDG will make your dreams come true.

Event in the name of the company

  • We organize a competition for top players in the name of your company 
  • A tour video can also be filmed of the competition
  • An example Ramirent Open 

  • Want to get more information and talk to a salesperson? Please leave your contact information below!


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