Prize policy and refunds

Prize policy

Withholding tax
If player is not tax bound to Finnish IRS, 15% withholding tax will be collected from any voucher and money prize. Organizer will collect needed information (contact info, date of birth, nationality etc.) from every prize winner. If player refuses to give information, prize can't be paid. 

Money prizes
Money prizes will be paid via PayPal if nothing else is informed.

Money prizes will be paid at the latest on following Wednesday if nothing else is informed. Natural Born Disc Golfer has got a granted PDGA waiver for this schedule. 

Voucher prizes
Voucher codes will be send to winner's email when needed information has been sent to organizer. Vouchers to NBDG Store will be sent within 1–3 days, other parties vouchers within one week.

Collecting personal information
All collected personal information will be deleted after needed obligations are done. Any collected information will not be shared to third parties, except Finnish IRS and voucher prize providers.

Withdrawals and refunds

In case of withdrawal, player must always withdrawn by email or phone to contact person. Other ways of withdraw are not official.

Do not remove your registration by yourself.

Entry fee will be refunded in following cases:

  1. Withdrawal is done by given instructions at the latest 7 days before the event
  2. Withdrawal is done by given instructions within 2-7 days before the event and player's spot can be filled from the queue or with some other way

5 EUR handling fee can be reduced from the fee before refund (PDGA rules, 1.03).

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