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5 tips to get the most out of the off season

5 tips to get the most out of the off season

5 tips to get the most out of the off season
The main season is over, with a lot of good (and bad) memories, throws, new and old friends and so much more. But for many of us our heads is already looking forward to next year, looking to hunt more perfect flights on the course. But how?
Here is my 5 best tips on how to prepare in the off season.

1. Evaluate

One of the essential things on the path to improvement, is to know where you are. That way, you can see where you need to focus more on, to achieve the goals you have. 
What I do is that I take 15-20 minutes to mentally go through the season: my practice, my competitions, my work outside the competitions and so on. Did I met my expectations? What did I do well? What can I improve on? What part of my game was my strength? What part of my game was my weakness? Where did I see improvement from month to month?
Taking notes from this session will give me some good ideas on where I am, and make prepping for 2020 much easier.

2. Set goals

Now that you have spent some time knowing where you are in your game, you should try to figure out where you want to be. Was you 2019 season just what you wanted? Perfect, keep doing what you are doing! Do you want more for you 2020 season? Then the goals you set will show you the way, and keep you true to your path. My goals is usually set up to increase my strengths, and to help my remember to focus on areas I want to improve on. Usually I set one or two main goals, and over time I add, review and adjust subgoals along the way. 

Lämmittely punnerruksilla ennen kierrosta.

3. Build your body

If you are like me you LOVE to throw. And in season that is also where the most amount of time is used, throwing. But disc golf is really hard on the body, and the off season brings less conditions for throwing and more for training and building body. I HIGHLY suggest checking out Disc Golf Strong, bringing athleticism into the sport. This is where you can get your total workout to prevent injury and prepare it for the coming season, for ams and pros alike.

4. Get ready for 2020

Arguably one of the best things about Christmas, is looking forward to Christmas. How about making the 2020 the same? You know what events you loved playing, and what you really want to attend next year. Get your calendar updated with dates or estimated times, as well as when registration starts. May I suggest putting Tyyni on your calendar…

5. Have fun!

Now this might go without saying - but the off season is a great time to have fun. Try new things, like joining a putting league, look for some indoor training, or maybe checking out ultimate? And if those options don`t float your boat, there is always fantastic disc golf coverage on Youtube, like Jomez, CCDG or SM Disc Golf. 
Have a great off season people, lets make the best out of it! 


Jørn Idar Kvig
Team Natural Born Disc Golfer
Oslo, Norway
Disc golf for me is the search of a perfect flight.
Being a part of this is an opportunity to grow, as a person, as a disc golfer and as a promoter.