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Team NBDG expands to Hungary

Team NBDG expands to Hungary

Team NBDG expands to Hungary

I'm Péter, a Hungarian disc golf enthusiast and now a Natural Born Disc Golfer. 

I was never a big sportsman. Big, yes but not sporty at all. I'm a software developer, constantly inside, with AC and closed blinds, yet somehow things got out of hand. Literally.

We played frisbee with our dogs, even competed in distance and accury events from time to time, but now I know, that all of that just lead me to loving the frisbee and finding disc golf. I found out about the sport and started playing 2016, went to my first international tournament to Spa Hills in Croatia, and I knew this was just what I needed. I got hooked. The wonderful people, the amazing scenery and this awesome game got me for life. Since then I've been training non-stop, and I try to go to as many big tournaments I can, to challenge myself and my game, and always aim for a little bit higher level, to get better every day.

The Hungarian disc golf scene is slow growing, so with my fiancée and a couple of friends we started a club, organized tournaments, training days, and had the first PDGA league in Hungary. This year has been slow to start, but things will escalate quickly in the coming months.

Being selected to be a member of the Natural Born Disc Golfers means very much to me. Since my first tournament where I met some of the members, and heard a lot about the Team, I've always felt a sort of connection: in values, principles and general sense of how we want to see this sport - and how we want this sport to be seen. 

As for my game, my bag is a transitional one, trying this, trying that, except for the Convict and the Ballista Pro. These two have been there for a while now, and will stay for the foreseeable future, and I must tell you that I'm joining the ranks of #teamwarden !! Yaay! 


Kiss Péter Zoltán

Team Natural Born Disc Golfer
Budapest, Hungary