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Team Spirit all around the globe

Team Spirit all around the globe

Team Spirit all around the globe

A wonderful season - Looking back on 2019

This year started with the big surprise of me joining Team NBDG.  I was and still am exited and thankful for the support they have given to me. Tournament wise my season started with two C-Tiers in Germany in March and April. I won both, despite the cold, windy and even snowy conditions.

Team NBDG at the Dutch Open 2019

Next was the Dutch Open, where I battled with Maris Perendi and Tabea Wallus. Kristin Tattar was playing in a different league, which was wonderful to watch. There, in Rotterdam, Maris told me, that she has Kristin down to win the 2019 USWDGC, which she did. So no surprise on my end. She really had an amazing year. So congrats, again.

After Dutch Open, I played the Luna Cup at my home course and then the famous Kokkedal Open in Denmark. I have been trying to get into that tournament for years and finally this time I made it. Once again, the girls placing above me all came from one country (Estonia). They must have something in the water there, that helps you play better. Kristin beet me again by almost 30 strokes, and the other two by almost 20. Kokkedal was worth the wait though, the courses are divers, challenging and beautiful at the same time. I just still miss my black halo, that I threw in the swamp at hole 15 at the wool course. Sad, sad, sad and a little stupid of me!

The next big event, after the Berlin Open was our family trip to Tyyni. This week in Finnland, the beautiful courses and the amount of pro players, that my kids had only seen in videos, had a huge impact on my children. My kids had so much fun and  would not let me go rest. After two practice rounds they would make me go play the course they had found. And since the sun is up all night during Tyyni, they would have been throwing discs 24 hours, had we let them.   

Playing with the World Champion

Worlds 2019 Peoria

My HIGHLIGHT of this year was the World Championships in Peoria, USA. I got there, just in time to play the doubles event on the side of Simon Lizotte. The only rule, that Simon set for us, was not to apologize. In round one, this was easy to do (well except to my drive at hole 18), but we still shot a good -7. In the second round however, both Simon and I were not able to play the way we did before. Playing alternate, Simon made me go deep into the rough a couple times and I, again, did not make a good drive at hole 18. But, I had a great time, got to know some awesome people (thanks for the fun second round Missy Gannon and Chris Clemons) and it was a perfect way to start the Worlds-week.

Then the real tournament started and I got to play my first two rounds with Lisa Fajkus and the first three with Holly Finley. I played solid golf for the first three days, missing a put here and there but also caching one in from way outside once in a while. In the fourth round, I got to play with the raining world champion Paige Bjerkaas, Madison Walker and again, Haily King, I kind of lost my focus and started to think. This should not happen, when you are trying to make the cut. But it is all part of life and learning.

And now?

2019 is over, at least my disc golf season is over. It was a great year for me with many firsts, like playing in the US or Worlds.  I have not had a chance to compete or even throw my discs since the German Championships, mainly due to work or disc golf related work, like taking care of the finances of my home club. But it does not mean, that I am not working towards another great season. A while ago, the list for the direct qualifications for the European Championships was released. I did not get a spot right a way, but I have the first Waiting-List spot and am hoping to get a national team spot. I am so exited to come back to Konopiste. I loved the course, but the last/only time I played it, I was really sick and could barely walk up and down the course. So I have still to settle with the course.

I hope to see many of you out on the courses around the World, well Europe for me! Have fun playing and spreading disc golf!

Cheers, Antonia


Disc Golf Clinics at my home course in Potsdam: Beginner or advanced, taster for starters or frequent practice for those, who are already hacked. Teaching is my passion and has always been something that makes me happy. I have seen many of the participants on the course, again, so some of it seams to stick. 



Antonia Faber
Team Natural Born Disc Golfer