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Ramirent and NBDG further strengthen their partnership

Ramirent and NBDG further strengthen their partnership

Ramirent and NBDG further strengthen their partnership

One of NBDG’s earliest partners - Ramirent - is strongly committed to the continued support of disc golf.

Some key takeaways from NBDGs and Ramirents partnership:

  • Ramirent is a key partner in NBDG:s Junior Program. The Junior Program allows thousands of young players to compete for free in disc golf. Although disc golf as a sport is relatively inexpensive, the financial support the players receive from the program has been seen as important. The aim of the program is to help kids take their disc golf game to a professional level by reducing expenses
  • Ramirent has their own layout at one of the most beautiful courses in Finland, Sibbe Disc Golf. Tens of thousands of players play at Sibbe Disc Golf annually and Sibbe is also the venue for the yearly held Ramirent Open competition
  • Ramirent is also a partner with the Prodigy Disc Pro Tour, the setting for the highest level of disc golf in Finland
  • The biggest disc golf event in Europe, Tyyni Open is part of the European Pro Tour and is played in Sipoo, Finland. Ramirent is a tour partner for the whole EPT which is going to be played in 5 countries this year
  • NBDG hosts over 200 events per year and Ramirent plays an important role in making the events come to life
  • Some of the best courses in Finland including Sibbe Disc Golf have been built with the help of Ramirent’s rental equipment

Ramirent comments on the decision to join the European Pro Tour

“Ramirent has been a long term sponsor of the great sport of disc golf in Finland. Our successful partnership with Tyyni has encouraged us to expand our partnership with European Pro Tour to cover all the events.

Ramirent is a part of Loxam Group’s equipment rental services in 30 countries worldwide. Being a part of an international company we see the expansion of international co-operation with the sport as a natural next step.   

We expect the EPT to be a platform where the best European players can compete at the best organized events. With the people involved with the sport and their enthusiasm and love for disc golf, we are delighted to be a part of the journey.“

-Kari Montonen, Product Marketing Manager, Ramirent Finland Oy

NBDG CEO and Founder Juha Kytö comments:

“We have been partners with Ramirent since 2017 and our cooperation has increased every year. Now in 2022 we are producing versatile content and hosting events utilizing our shared knowledge and networks. We are aiming to provide value to both Ramirents customers and partners as well as the whole disc golf community. 

I want to greatly thank the people at Ramirent on behalf of myself and on behalf of NBDG as well as the whole disc golf community.”

Ramirent Finland

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