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NBDG Graphic Design Contest 2019

Disc Golf is all about the community. That's what NBDG also stands for. Every Disc Golfer has something to give for the Disc Golf community. This time we want great designers and visionaries to stand up, and share their knowledge and skills.

The NBDG design contest is a really simple deal, design a hot stamp for a disc. Our committee will select the best design and we’ll make a bunch of these discs with many different models from Trilogy. Of course, the winner will have a stack of them for free.

Submitted designs will be reviewed by the NBDG team. One design will be selected as a hot stamp and presented at NBDG store worldwide.

The winning design will win 100€ (approx. $110) and stack of discs with it's own design. Not forgetting, his name will be in Disc Golf history right next to all of the great disc art designers.

Any other designs selected to production, the designer will receive stack of discs with it's own design.

Submit your design now, and give back for the Disc Golf community!


Design entry from Tommi Louhelainen for the NBDG Design Contest 2017 - GBO edition
Design entry from Benjamin Hopwood for the NBDG Design Contest 2017 - GBO edition
NBDG Design Contest 2016 winning design by Tommi Louhelainen

Contest rules


  • Design submission window: 5th of September to 18th of September 2019.
  • Winner will be announced at the end of September
  • Winner receives 100€ cash prize and stack of discs with the design.
  • Any other designs made to production; designer will receive a stack of discs with the design.
  • Designs must follow Latitude 64 hot stamp guide regulations found here (if you are expert on 4-colors, don't hesitate to submit an entry as DecoDye version!)
  • All designs must be submitted through email to hello@nbdg.fi and we would like you to use file sharing service (for example Google Drive) and send us the link for the files. NBDG team will only review designs that are submitted through the given method. Facebook posts or other outlets will not be eligible.
  • NBDG reserves the right to use submitted designs for commercial use (aka stamp it to discs, dah.) 
  • NBDG reservers the right to alternate the design in any way, unless stated otherwise while submitting the entry.
  • Submitted designs must not contain any copyrighted material (excluding NBDG art)
  • NBDG art is not mandatory but preferred.

NBDG designs that you can use in your own design entries, is available for download: NBDG Media file