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Season or Off-Season 2020

Season or Off-Season 2020

Season or Off-Season 2020

Everyone knows by now that 2020 was a special year in almost every aspect. 

Disc golf wise, 2020 did not exist for me, up to now. It is already September, the German Championships will take place this week and I have not yet played a PDGA tournament, so far. 

The season of 2020 was supposed to be special. I signed up for 4 out of 6 Euro-Tour events. In addition to that I was going to play the European Championships in Konopiste and I was excited to go to Nokia to play my first European Open. 

During the COVID-19 lock down, I worked from home. Taking care of the kids and working can be stressful. For me it led to less practice and even more hours in a not so perfect Home-Office situation. The result was and still is decreased mobility in my back from blockages, back pain and some trouble with my elbow. 

Well I have started to practice again, do more yoga and try to work in a standing position. 

My back pain is getting better, also due to some paddle boat trips. So now I am very excited to be back on the course and competing in my favorite sport.

Mentally, the German Championships will be quite challenging. In Germany, there have been some tournaments over the last months. But either due to injuries or late registration, I have not been able to secure myself a sport in any of them. So the lack of competition experience is definitely prominent. I hope that the many years of competitive disc golf and tennis (before) will help me stay focused out there. At the end, I am not playing against anyone but myself!

The course here in Salzgitter is ready for us. The 10 m circles are drawn, all OBs are marked and the lawn is mowed. Everything looks perfect and my first practice rounds were fun and made me want more. I guess I am as ready as the course.

For those, who like to follow the event, please check 


The first round played today and finals will take place on Sunday.

Wish me luck. 

Cheers, Antonia