The NBDG Juniors Final is around the corner

The NBDG Juniors Final is around the corner

The NBDG Juniors Final is around the corner

The NBDG Junior Program is a project launched back in 2019 when we realized that we want to provide a platform to help young disc golfers take their game to a professional level. The goal of the Junior Program is to get kids excited about disc golf and being outdoors as well as lowering the expenses of the sport. Both our program partners and the people at NBDG felt that this was very important for general wellbeing and the growth of disc golf.

The NBDG Junior Program offers young players the opportunity to compete for free in junior divisions. We also host free NBDG Juniors competitions throughout the season.  

The NBDG Junior has been made possible by our partners: Ford, Ramirent, Kotipizza, Prodigy Disc Europe and Powergrip

The 2022 season until now

The NBDG junior program has allowed young disc golfers to participate in NBDG:s events and participation has been great with juniors playing in 47 different events amounting to 957 participations altogether. This has provided almost 20 000€ of value in saved competition fees to the young disc golfers throughout the country during 2022. 

Additionally 9 NBDG Juniors competitions have been held with 216 participants. The season total will be nearing an impressive 300 participations after the Juniors Final has been held.

The NBDG Juniors Final will be held on the 1st of October at Ford Disc Golf Park in Tuusula. The MJ18 divisions final round will be filmed and released on Disc Golf Stream YouTube Channel and AlfaTV.

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