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The year of the monkey

The year of the monkey

The year of the monkey

The big monkey

One should always be careful of calling your boss nicknames, but when the big monkey Juha Kytö asked me to join Team Natural Born Disc Golfers before the 2018 season I was super excited. But also super nervous, as that would mean I had to literally change my whole bag. That would mean every single disc in my bag had to be changed. Since then I have thrown more molds than I can count, spent hours and hours with them trying to find the right once and get to know them. You can have a look here at my process - https://youtu.be/ZDU8bvQuqtA

Changing my bag have been the biggest challenge for me this season, the discs are the tools we trust more than anything on the course. Therefore I am proud to say that I now, 9 months later, have a bag filled with some of the best plastic around, plastic I really trust. There is still room for improvements in my bag though, but I can honestly say there is not a throw I don`t feel I have the right tool for right now.  Have a look at my in the bag here - https://youtu.be/VjbYTDCCtaI

The medium monkey

Giving back to the community, growing the sport and helping other disc golfer is, and has always been a big focus for me. I have hosted 7 PDGA sanctioned tournaments this season, a Trilogy Challenge, a handfull of clinics, started a disc golf podcast with Dean Schaub (https://www.facebook.com/theperfectflightdg), done daily vlogs during Tyyni, kept writing for the biggest disc golf news outlet in Norway and more. Natural Born Disc Golfer has supported me through everything on this list, and so has my followers and players done throughout the year. Make sure you follow me on Facebook, a lot of action is happening here - https://www.facebook.com/TheFrisbeerGuy

This means that I have been able to showcase this sport to more than 500 players in tournaments, brought disc golf to national news outlets, reached thousands through Youtube and social media and met more awesome people than I can count. Disc golf is like a family, and I feel like I have increased my family weekly this whole season.

The small monkey

I can truly say I have never been this focused about disc golf as I have this season, but I have also never played so little disc golf. I have set clear goals, made training- and practice plans, working on every aspect of the game. I have done a big jump in my ratings with almost 40 points, and a big decrease in my weight as I have lost 13 kgs in 12 months.

I have reach several of my goals before I planned, gotten my first PDGA wins, seen my kids increase their interest and joy for the sport, shared memories with my travel- and practice-partner Fredrik, gotten a wife who is more and more supportive as she sees how dedicated and goal-focused I am towards becoming a better disc golfer. I am finishing this season lighter than I have been in years, higher rated than I have ever been, and more motivated to keep pushing for a new season than you can imagine.

I look forward to keep pushing, working hard and improving this off season, and too see and hear more from all you - my awesome disc golf family.


Jørn Idar Kvig
Team Natural Born Disc Golfer
Oslo, Norway
Disc golf for me is the search of a perfect flight.
Being a part of this is an opportunity to grow, as a person, as a disc golfer and as a promoter.